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Beer, Wine & liquor

Ordering alcoholic beverages through Stand Catering is convenient and practical. We deliver directly to your stand and we also offer waiter staff and glass rental. If you run out of beverage, you can order more and get a quick delivery.

Important information about alcohol on the fair property>>

  • Total: 32

Josefinelust, 75 cl

Carlsberg Exp. 5% 33cl bottle, crate 24 pcs

Red Wine Bag in Box 3L

White wine, Bag in Box 3L

Carlsberg Hof 4,2% 33cl bottle, crate 24 pcs

Carlsberg 3,5 33cl 24st

Organic wine red

Organic wine white

Staropramen, 33 cl bottle/box 24 pcs

Brooklyn IPA, 24pcs

Draught beer 5,1% 30L Barrel

Carlsberg Export 3 liter

Somersby Apple Cider

Sparkling Wine, 75cl

Crémant d'Alsace

Champagne, 75 cl

Clouet, 150 cl

Clouet, 300 cl

YOKO Furmint, 75cl

Torricella, 75cl

Alte Reben, 75cl

Albia Rosé, 75cl

Albia Rosé, 150cl

Brolio Ricasoli, 75cl

Brolio Ricasoli, 150cl

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels Gentleman

Bushmills Malt, 70cl

Fernet - Branka

Hernö Gin

Koskenkorva RCo Vodka

El Dorado 3år

  • Total: 32