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Don't forget to add whatever disposable materials you may need before you place your order. That way, you get everything in one, practical delivery. If you run out, you can always call us to refill your stand with whatever your need.
  • Total: 20

Coffee cups, Bioware 25 cl, 25 pcs

Plastic glasses, Bioware 25 cl, 25 pcs

Plastic glasses, Bioware,40 cl, 70 pcs

Wine glasses, plastic 18 cl, 15 pcs

Plastic Champagne glasses13 cl, 10 pcs

Plastic Schnapps glasses 5 cl, 50 pcs

Paper plate, 18 cm 50 pcs

Paper plate, 22 cm 50 pcs

Paper napkins, 40 cm 3 layer, 125 pcs

Plastic cutlery, Bioware

Black plastic bowl 100cl

Black plastic bowl 450 cl

Espresso cups, 100ml 50 pcs

Paper napkins 40cm

Table cloth 100*100 white

Table Cloth 127*180 white

Table cloth 127*180 Black

Table Cloth 127*220 white

Table cloth 110*110 black

Table cloth 127*220 black

  • Total: 20