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Soft drinks

Ordering beverages through Stand catering is as easy as it is practical. We store your drinks and deliver it to your stand at an agreed time. The beverage is chilled and you won't have to worry about having any storage space in your stand.

  • Total: 30

Sparkling water 50cl 24 pcs

Sparkling water lemon 50c

Still water 50 cl ,crate 24 pcs

Mineral water 33cl can ,crate 20 pcs

Mineral water lemon 33cl ,crate 20 pcs

Spring water, 18,9 litre incl. 100 plastic glasses

Pepsi 50cl bottle, crate 24 pcs

Pepsi Max, 50cl bottle, crate 24pcs

Pepsi 33cl can, crate 20 pcs

Pepsi Max 33cl can, crate 20 pcs

Zingo 33cl can, crate 20 pcs

7UP 33cl can, crate 20 pcs

Carlsberg 3,5%, 33cl, 24 flaskor

Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic 24 flaskor

Non-alc red wine

Non-alc white wine

Cider Non alcoholic 24p

Non-alc sparkling wine

Froosh Strawberry & Banana

Froosh Mango & Orange

Froosh Peach & Passion

Organic orange juice 20cl

Organic apple juice 20cl

Orange juice, 1 liter

Thomas Henry Tonic

Thomas Henry Grape 20cl 24st

Thomas Henry mango 20cl, 24 st

Sparkling wine non-alc

Alkoholfritt vitt vin, 75cl

Alkoholfritt rött vin, 75cl

  • Total: 30